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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can be injected into many areas of the face in order to add volume to areas such as the lips marionette lines and nasolabial lines, as well as helping to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, to maintain a youthful appearance. 

Facial rejuvenation using dermal fillers is fast and safe, using fillers which are made up of Hyaluronic acid, a naturally found substance that occurs within our skin. Results can often been seen immediately.​

Woman Having Lip Botox

Lip Enhancement 

Add volume, a boost of youthful hydration, or balance out asymmetry, with Lip Enhancement.

Lip Enhancement

Whether you are looking to add volume to smaller lips, balance out unevenness, or help to add smoothness with a boost of hydration, we will take the time to discuss your concerns and the outcome you are looking to achieve in full, this will help to determine the right amount of filler for your lips.

Results from this treatment last between 6-18 months, with clients often seeing longer lasting results from repeated treatments.

  • 0.5ml - Revolax Restylane £130

  • 1ml    - Revolax Restylane £160


Lower Facial Lines

Soften and reduce the appearance of Nasolabial folds and Marrionettes Lines

Lower Facial Lines

Marrionettes Lines & Nasolabial Fold Correction

Dermal fillers can be used to reduce the appearance of lower facial lines including the Nasolabial folds, which run from the nose to the corners of the mouth, and Marionettes lines, which run from the corners of the mouth to the chin.

Lower facial lines become more prominent with age, due to the reduction of collagen and elasticity in our bodies. This causes the skin in this area to weaken.​

Dermal fillers can be carefully placed in these areas to fill and improve the appearance of these lower facial lines in an instant, taking years off your appearance.​

Leaving you looking refreshed, rejuvenated and youthful, with results lasting 6-18 months.

Nasolabial Fold Correction -£130 (0.5ml) + £160 (1ml)

Marrionettes Lines Correction -£130 (0.5ml) + £160 (1ml)

Anya's Dermal Filler Journey

Aren't they gorgeous!

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