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Injection cosmetology


What is your cancellation policy?

booking fees are required for all Treatments (this amount acts as a deposit and will be deducted from the total cost of your treatment)

A deposit will be carried out online via a bank transfer - confirming your appointment spot.​

Deposits are non-refundable.

You can reschedule up to 48 hours before your appointment and your deposit will be transferred to your future booking.

If you are unable to reschedule please contact us at least 48 hours before your appointment.

I am here to make sure that you have everything you need to know about the treatment. There are a few things to consider both before and after your appointment. - Questions can be answered during your appointment or you can contact me with any questions, I'm always happy to help!

What Are The Potential Side-Effects Of A Dermal Filler Treatment?

Your final dermal filler result will be seen about 4 weeks after treatment after the filler has had time to settle.

Whilst not everyone experiences side effects post-treatment, some common examples include: Swelling Bruising Itching in the area Red needle puncture marks Asymmetry Tenderness.

What is Required for Pre And Post-Appointment Care?

Whether you’re looking for some pout prep or any other treatment, you need to keep the potential side effects in mind. Any dermal filler treatment comes with the risk of side effects in the specific area of treatment. With any cosmetic injection, there is a risk of both bleeding and bruising after the needle has been inserted into the skin.

Bruises are small hematomas, and they occur when small blood vessels get punctured and leak into the soft tissue beneath. This is due to the needle entering the skin multiple times during a dermal filler treatment, this can cause the surface of the skin to swell, as the skin on the face is fragile.


Ready to get the dermal filler of your dreams? We’re excited for you! If you’re looking to minimise the risk of side effects, then follow the below pre-treatment guidelines:

- Avoid blood-thinning drinks such as alcohol and green tea 1-2 days before injections

- Avoid blood-thinning foods such as garlic

– consider this a few days before treatment Discontinue any blood-thinning medications or supplements one week before treatment (with your doctor’s consent.)

- aspirin and vitamin E as examples, increase the likelihood of bruising, therefore - Take Arnica tablets a few days leading up to treatment, to help reduce the amount of bruising and how long it lasts

Post-Appointment Tips After your treatment!

- After visiting Anya for your dermal filler treatment, you’ll see instant results, but you may also experience minor side effects (if any) almost immediately.

- The side effects may worsen after your appointment, so you may want to keep an eye on the treated area and treat accordingly.

- There are actions that you can take to lessen your treatment side effects: Eat fresh pineapple because it contains an enzyme called Bromelain which has anti-inflammatory properties.

- Use Arnica gel on the affected area to heal faster. - Available on Amazon or from your local pharmacy.

- Avoid alcohol for 1-2 days after injections

- Wait 24 hours after your appointment to apply make-up, to avoid any irritation/infection.

- Apply ice packs to the affected area to reduce the swelling and reduce bruising

- Avoid vigorous exercise for 1-2 days after injections.

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